UniFi Stack Ready

June 25, 2020

I had today off for an appointment this morning, so I spent the afternoon getting WireGuard configured on the USG in place of an IPsec tunnel.

It took be a little while and some futzing with the JSON, but I have it online and that network is reachable from both the DC and my home network.

One added benefit of WireGuard is I can plug this into the public VLAN here at home and the VPN connection will still work: what a win for WireGuard!

Even though I’ve resigned myself to the fact that there will not be any conventions this year, I’m still going to build this out because I do still have business trips that may crop up, and it will be useful to take it into the field.

Now I just need to get the proper Pelican case and I can start building this out in earnest.

Until next time!

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