A Different Idea, Follow Up 2

June 24, 2020

As people keep talking about WireGuard support in pfSense once it hits the FreeBSD kernel, I decided to do a quick Google at work to see if the USG-3 can do it: turns out the answer is yes, which solves the VPN issue. It should be speedier than IPsec anyway, so it’ll allow access to the rest of the network from the case.

Once I make some room in here I’ll get started on getting everything settled in the case. Turns out Micro Center stocks the 6-port keystone block I was looking at for the non-firewall and non-AP ports on the switch.

As an aside, DragonCon is officially allowing attendees to transfer their 2020 memberships to 2021, which I have done. Now for AWA to announce something…

Either way there’s a lot happening in my life, and even though I want to see my friends and go to cons it’s best not to this year. We can put the partying off for a year.

Until next time!

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