A New Different Idea

July 18, 2020

I keep going back to pfSense it seems.

Background info: my company has been doing a company-wide infrastructure refresh, and one of the “victims” was an old Alcatel-Lucent (Aruba) AP-115, which I took home with me. Therefore, it needs a project. What better than to modify Internet-in-a-Box further? Sounds like a plan to me!

The firewall will be a Netgate SG-1100, the switch a Cisco SG250-08HP, and the AP the aforementioned AP-115.

I’m still going to use the Pelican 1450 for this project, so I will work on getting stuff on order soon.

This is of course massive overkill, but when you’re going to be dealing with up to 6 people with 1+n devices each, a little bit of overkill is nice to have.

The UniFi stack will still be used for another project in the future, possibly to replace my gear if I ever find a place I can afford to move out to…

Until next time!

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