New pfSense Stack Ready for a Case!

August 2, 2020

Hi friends!

I figured out the IPsec issue: I changed the IP the dial-up VPN the datacenter FortiGate listens on and the tunnel came right up when plugged into the public VLAN. Therefore, I don’t feel too bad about not swapping that firewall out for the SG-3100 eventually.

Anyway, I had a little bit of trouble getting everything going earlier, but now I have the SG-1100 plugged into the public VLAN on my network with the SG250-08HP behind it with the AP-115 plugged into the switch.

I tested the Proxicast plugged into the USB port with the aircard plugged in and had no issues, so we’re good to power that device right from the firewall.

Once that was done I worked to get it connected with a connection other than that, so I put my Ting SIM in the LB1120 and that worked fine, then after some quick thinking I performed the task mentioned earlier and welp, we were up and running.

The plan as mentioned before is to have the SG-1100 on the left, the SG250-08HP on the right, with the Proxicast and a 6-port keystone block on the front, both facing up, then a small plug strip in the back with a power cable receptacle mounted on one side. The AP will be mounted on a small shelf above both the firewall and switch and powered via PoE from the switch.

This will need to be ran with the lid open, which isn’t really a big deal, and if I keep the foam in the top it’ll keep everything secure when closed for transport.

Sure this is me changing for the sake of changing, but who cares? Keeps me out of trouble…

Until next time!

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