A Little Sanity

August 19, 2020

So, I’m starting to think maybe I’m barking up the proverbial wrong tree with the setup.

Sure, pfSense is awesome and having a proper managed switch will be nice and an actual AP vs. built-in radios is the better solution, but what am I doing except running myself in circles trying to figure out how “leet” I want to be with the stack when I have the FortiWiFi in the current case already. I just need to plug the aircard in and boot it up, after I change the WiFi SSID and password to the new one and reconfigure the site-to-site VPN of course.

So what is the plan now? I’m keeping the kit I bought as 1) an eventual replacement for the home firewall if I move out, 2) an extra AP to mess around with, and 3) a smaller managed switch I might take to the office to use instead of my venerable 24-port HP switch. I probably won’t buy the bigger Pelican case, so putting this gear, save for the AP of course, back in its boxes after resetting them to factory might be the best idea.

All that said, I will soon be swapping the home firewall back out for my other FortiGate 60E. The advanced hardware warranty license isn’t -that- expensive, and I have one of those on the FortiWifi already, and I have until May 2022 until I have to relicense the 2 60Es. I’ll probably just put the UTM package on the one at the data center when the time comes since the only port forward that’ll be enabled on the firewall here, besides the ports for Parsec for my gaming rig, is the SSL VPN if I feel like it. It’d be nice to have for a second entry vector if I want more direct access to my home network instead of having to bounce it through the DC.

The true question is: do I dump my Ubiquiti gear for Fortinet? Thinking no…

Until next time!

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