Back to Square One and Looking Forward

February 15, 2021

I’ve tried and tried and tried for the last 15 months to wrangle the stack’s “evolved” forms into functionality with nothing but frustration as one bit would work, then another wouldn’t, then that would work, and the other wouldn’t, etc.

Due to this, I’ve just decided to go back to MikroTik for everything in the case. I dug the hAP ac Lite back out and have it working with IKEv2 NAT-T, dug the GrooveA 52 ac out and updated it, and now have it feeding WiFi back to the hAP. Both are running the long term firmware, so I think we’ll be good for quite a while.

I also won an auction for an RBM11G on eBay today, which I’ll throw ROOter on and install an appropriately configured LTE card into, and we’ll be set up for everything going forward.

That said! Even if we’re sticking with MikroTik, we need something faster than 100 Mbps NICs on our primary device as both the Groove and RBM11G have gigabit NICs. What to do then? The options are wide, but with IPsec tunnels in play and newer wireless standards, the only choice is the hAP ac3. This device is quite large, but with the larger case it should fit along with everything else. Soon we’ll get this going and hopefully in time for conventions this year, assuming they actually happen.

Until next time!

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