Further Thoughts

February 20, 2021

Hi friends!
In the last post I mentioned using the hAP ac3 for the primary device going forward, but I’m having second thoughts on that one.

First off, it’s just huge. I have my Visio of the case set up to account for it, but it’s going to be a tight fit. Therefore, I’m thinking that I don’t exactly need accelerated IPsec speed when as of now the fastest I’ve seen with my Calyx hotspot is 40 Mbps, and even though hotel WiFi is faster now, I highly doubt we’ll see over 100 Mbit at the ones we use for AWA, the case’s primary use case. Which brings me to the next conclusion based on musings from a couple of years ago: it’s time to upgrade to the original hAP ac. It gives triple-chain WiFi on both bands as well as gigabit Ethernet, so Internet traffic should be quite speedy. Sadly, it lacks the IPsec acceleration the hAP ac2 and ac3 have, but the ac2 doesn’t have PoE out, and as previously mentioned, the ac3 is quite large. Alas, the “perfect” device still doesn’t yet exist. Maybe one day, but we’re close!

Until next time!

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