Case Expansion and Reworking… Again…

February 9, 2021

Hi everyone!

I’ve opted to punt on converting everything to Hugo as I’ve just not had the time to put forth the effort to figure it out properly. That said, the case has been expanded with some slightly unexpected things…

First off, the FortiWiFi started rebooting: I could put a support ticket in, but my experiences with Fortinet support at work is leaving me, well, wanting, so I dug the APU2 back out and now we’re running with that with a working USB Ethernet adapter to have interface name consistency: ue0 for the hotspot or for wired to a wall port or the GL.iNet router. This should help pfSense not freak out too much. I’ve done some tests and speeds are stable with it, so it should work out.

This brings us to the next big change: I finally picked up a larger Pelican case, the 1450, so I have room for additional things, like a switch and an Intel NUC. I was planning to use the SG250-08HP in this, but considering the ephemeralness of the stack, a a simple unmanaged 8-port switch will work. The NUC has a domain controller VM on it, which will be set up as the network’s DHCP server. Again, because of how ephemeral the stack is, and with DNS scavenging enabled on the zone, it shouldn’t have too much of an effect on the network itself. In addition to the DC VM, I’m planning to get a specially curated Plex VM set up to enable local streaming vs. relying on the WAN connection. Again, it’ll take a bit of time to get going but once it’s set up we should have something rad for the con, assuming it happens again.

I have some additional testing to put forward, so once I have that done I’ll post another update.

Until next time!

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