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August 22, 2020

After much brooding on all of this and realizing that I was running in circles as mentioned in the last post, I’ve decided to stick to the FortiWiFi as the portable setup.

It integrates well with the other 2 FortiGates I have, and the advanced hardware support contract isn’t that expensive, so I’ll keep it as long as I can continue to have support on it.

That said! The home network is back up and running on a FortiGate 60E, and I have a 24-port FortiSwitch, a FortiAP, and a PoE injector for the AP on the way, so it’ll be a full FortiStack at home soon.

I had some issues with IPv6 NAT with all the security services turned on, so I just went with prefix delegation from Comcast and all is well.

The specs for the 60E are kind of low, but I have all the rules in Flow mode and am getting 900 Mbps or so on speed tests, so I guess I’m okay on that front at home. If I switched them to proxy I’m sure the speeds would tank.

COVID has made all my experiments on this a little, let’s call it, questionable? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll have at least one work trip in the near future, so at least it’ll get used for that.

Until next time!

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