Results of Testing and Miscellany

September 29, 2019

I drove over to the Galleria area yesterday afternoon to conduct preliminary speed tests, and the results are promising.

The MR1100 was locked on Band 66 when I left the house, so I tested there once arriving and speeds were around 10 Mbps. Thinking there was room for improvement, I changed the MR1100 to Carrier Aggregation mode: this had an immediate effect, and the resulting speed was 20 Mbps or so both down and up. I ran a speed test on my phone to verify and got about the same. Assuming LTE doesn’t get completely owned, which I’m not too optimistic about not happening, we get the same 20/20, and we’re able to have not too much WiFi interference, we should be good to go.

While I was there I took a look to see if the datacenter’s building would afford direct line of sight: the answer was negative. The only way we’d stand a chance is if we were in the Waverly, Sheraton, or even last year’s Marriott and on the side facing The Battery. Ah well, such is life.

Just a few more weeks until the con…

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