Proxicast Version Up and Further Steps

April 29, 2020

Proxicast updated the PocketPORT 2’s firmware to officially support the USB800, so I updated mine, factory reset it, plugged the USB800 in, and it came up without any issues. What a neat little device that solves so many problems!

Anyway, I’ve still not decided on what to use going forward, but I am definitely leaning toward the MikroTik just for simplicity’s sake. RouterOS 7 has the MIPSBE architecture now, so I’m not super worried about it losing support, and I can always roll with the long-term track for stability. It’s definitely the most compact option we have. I just hope I still have the foam ready to go back in for this or it’s another Amazon purchase and time in Visio.

Going back to the MikroTik in the case will leave me with 3 firewalls for extras/spares. Not too big of a deal. It does give true multi-connectivity though: Ethernet through the WAN port, WiFi using the GrooveA, and LTE using the Proxicast and the USB800.

Until next time!

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