New Case Ready!

April 3, 2021

Happy Easter Weekend folks!
I took some time today to get all the gear in the new case, and it all fits! Obviously I’ll carry a plug strip (or two) in my luggage separate from the case, and the LTE device will be in my laptop bag until in the room proper. I believe I’ve mentioned why that’s what happens before: I’ve actually had a business trip in the past where I was the one flying to and from, and having the E3276s-505 available to me outside of the room was quite nice as I was able to get online while waiting for outbound and inbound flights.

Next up: test results with the hAP ac2 which are quite good! I picked ciphers that are accelerated by it for the tunnel and got 160 Mbps over the VPN copying an ISO from the web server to one of the test VMs. This will do quite nicely as the fastest LTE speed I’ve seen on my Calyx device is 35 Mbps or so.

I’ve put the GL-AR750S in the case as well to use for WiFi client mode. While it’s not as overkill as the GrooveA is, it should do fine if needed. Hopefully it won’t be needed.

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