A Little Bit of Reworking…

November 1, 2020

Hi folks! This would’ve been AWA weekend if not for this accursed timeline…

Anyway, I took the time the con would’ve happened off anyway, and this weekend had my home Internet switched over to AT&T Fiber 1000 with a block of 5 IP addresses. Additionally, I have all my gear racked, so the home network is pretty good now.

As part of that, I put my SG-5100 back in as pfSense can properly delegate IPv6 prefixes from AT&T’s gateway. Moving away from a FortiGate at home might be kind of eh, but at the same time I never really needed all the UTM bits on it at home.

So we’re going to redo the stack… again. I’m not going to renew the support contact on the FortiWiFi, so I dug the SG-1100 and that 8-port Cisco PoE switch out then started messing about in Visio to see if I could make everything fit in the case and kept getting stuck on the wireless. Then I went looking around and found a very small PoE-powered 802.11ac AP that I put an order in for. Once it arrives later this week I’ll get everything hooked up on it.

I dug the APU2 out to see if the LINKZONE 2 would work fine with it, and since it has a battery, it’ll work without a problem. Only “issue” is the SG-1100’s USB ports are vertical, but that shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Until next time!

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