A Different Idea

June 10, 2020

I had a thought the other day. I have a Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway that is not being used, as well as a UniFi AP: why not get a slightly larger Pelican case, that will still fit in my larger suitcase, and set that up, with one of their switches to power the AP and give some wired ports? Why not indeed…

This variant would require the case to remain open, and of course I’d have all the LEDs off for this ‘site’ in my UniFi Controller, and I do think it would work.

The basic idea would be as follows:

– Power would be supplied by a small plug strip that would have a C13 power socket on the outside of the case to power the firewall, switch, and the Proxicast via one wall port.
– The firewall and switch would be side-by-side with super flexible ethernet cables connecting them together.
– There will be a 6-port keystone surface box mounted inside the case for additional network ports.
– The Proxicast will be mounted inside the case pointing vertically up for the aircard to be plugged into with another super flexible ethernet cable for connection to the firewall.
– The AP will be mounted to the lid so it will face up/forward with the case open.
– There will be a small mesh net in the lid to hold the exterior AC cord.

This will likely end up a two-level setup with the power supplies for the firewall and switch mounted beneath them with the devices themselves mounted on a shelf. I’ll need to figure this out for sure before I drop the money on the new case.

Truthfully this is almost an unnecessary exercise due to most things the stack would be used for being cancelled due to COVID-19. We’ll see, though…

Until next time!

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